Our Story

We don't just bake cakes.
We embed our heart, your emotions and happy memories into cake that you order.
We develop cake that blossoms love at first bite.

Your bakery , began in 2017, is the premier custom cake bakery serving complete NCR using the resipe of passion and creativity. Oue artistic , unparalled cakes designed for special types of occasion like wedding, birthdays,baby shower,anniversary melt the memorable moments in events of guest. Using luxurious ingredients like chocolate, farm-fresh butter and cream, perfectly ripe fruit cream, and fragrant spices, our bakers masterfully blend flavors to create tastes and textures that define the description.

We’re a small team. But we kind of like it that way. It allows us to make sure that each cake is handmade, hand decorated and beautifully packaged.

And that's just the part you don't see.
We handover to you right after the cake is finished.
See, and taste, for yourself.

Ordering your very own Yourbakery creation is simple. Of course, if you prefer to talk cake in person we're happy to do that too. Ring us up at 8527120045.