Celebration at Jungle Jamboree

I really had fun with my friends in sector 29, Gurgaon. Your bakery's yummy cake just made my evening memorable.All enjoyed a lot!! @Shibani


Happy evening at my house

My friends gave a party at my house. We clicked many photographs of beautiful memories that evening and cut a cake from Your bakery's menu.I always cherish this party with Your bakery's cake.


Heaven of time with family

We celebrated my Bhabi's bday with cake from Your bakery's kitchen.I got in love with the taste of yourbakery.It was great get together and celebration with my family @Ankit


Lovely Yourbakery cake

I have never tasted a cake as it was on my bday evening.That taste which didnt go off from my taste buds. It was amazing to make Your bakery a part of my bday party. Thanks team..@Radhika


Amazing time with Your bakery 's creamy cake

What a creamy cake with choclate drape!! Fantastic. Great taste! Great design! Expected Quantity! Affordable price!


Forever Chocolate cake

Choclate truffle cake on my bday celebration in office just made my day.Yummiest option for chocolate lovers! Nothing as amazing than this cake on a bday.


Nectarious baked choices

My colleagues ordered a customise cake. I really was happy to see that cake.Even if your bakery doesn't choice, they just bake the design that is going in your mind. Just Amazing.


Memorable bday

Admirable beauty of the Your bakery's Butterscotch cake just made my taste buds drizzling. I am lovin YB ..@Swati


My bday evening with family

I really want to appreciate the Your bakery's baked item. My parents, brother and cousins loved the Vanilla cake from YB's kitchen..@ Preet


Memorable Evening with Ankita and Rachita

Aahhaaaaa !! A just WOW cake..being a chocolate lover, I loved the chocolate truffle cake ordered from your bakery website. On time delivery! Admirable cake!! Beautiful packing!


YB..The best

Your bakery really is a very good website . Multiple choices! For all type occasion! On time delivery !!


Endless shades of baked items

I am in love with lovely shades of cakes.. Unique designs! multiple choices!